Friday, 31 December 2010

Mug Shot

David Farrant  — the man with the chameleon eyes —
a mug shot of a malcontented merchandiser of malice.

David Farrant was a fool from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he has given himself to the father of lies (John 8: 44).

These are the facts as we know them, having researched them thoroughly down the years using original material and sources.

Tony Hill (identified as "Hutchinson" in the media by David Farrant in the previous century) first knew him in 1968 when Mr Farrant’s wife, Mary, was working as a part-time barmaid in The Woodman, Archway Road, just up the road from where Mr Hill lived in Archway Road. Following Tony Hill’s six month sojourn with Mrs Farrant, her cuckolded husband made himself destitute by declaring himself bankrupt within a few months of squandering an inheritance received barely a year prior, and was summarily booted out of his apartment (also in Archway Road). Mr Hill offered his coal bunker in the communal cellar under his ground floor flat to Mr Farrant who jumped at the chance and remained Tony Hill’s “tenant” for the period from August 1969 to August 1970. It was during this time that Mr Hill readily admits to colluding with Mr Farrant in an attempt to fake a ghost story in the local newspapers for which purpose he took many photographs of David Farrant prancing about in Highgate Cemetery  sometimes even pretending to be the ghost himself by lingering in the graveyard at night with a whitened face and wearing a top hat borrowed from Mr Hill.
Mr Farrant had heard about the legendary vampire at Highgate Cemetery in pubs he frequented and thought it a convenient bandwagon to hop on, as his fake ghost was making little impact beyond its confusion with genuine sightings of something malevolent and predatory in the graveyard. He had already written to his local newspaper, pretending to have seen his non-existent ghost no less than three times! Mr Hill, therefore, took further pictures of him brandishing stakes and goodness knows what else. Some of these photographs were published in newspapers; others provided to the press by Farrant were passed on to the police by concerned newspaper editors. The rest, as they say, is history.

When David Farrant tired of exploiting the vampire situation he joined the growing witchcraft craze and occult explosion. He became known as a “wicked witch” locally because of the nasty pranks and evil stunts he played on people. This behaviour escalated into him making black magic threats on innocent people and performing seemingly diabolical stunts in graveyards with naked females; antics which quickly landed him in jail with a stiff prison sentence. By which time, Tony Hill was giving David Farrant a very wide berth indeed.

David Farrant was always his own worst enemy. His problem was that he made countless threats to all and sundry, none of which he could ever back up with anything more than hot air. Journalists understandably tired of him. Everyone tired of him. He had already by this time become the pathetic, paranoid figure he is today  a worn-out shell filled with simmering malice towards those he despises and secretly envies; a talentless non-entity immersed in his own foolishness; a man eaten away with hatred who spends his entire existence ensconced in a Muswell Hill bed-sitting room from where he produces streams of bile in self-published pamphlets which he laughingly describes as "books."

Born in 1946, this tragic old man still shuffles back and forth to the sorting office in London’s Muswell Hill to collect his mail from the post office box address he has been hiding behind for years, oblivious to the fact that Royal Mail will reveal the address behind a box upon request from anyone who wants it. Meanwhile, David Robert Donovan Farrant publishes on the internet his victims’ names and private addresses alongside hateful incitements designed to cause maximum damage and upset. He especially targets Bishop Seán Manchester, an author and exorcist in holy orders, who exposed David Farrant as an interloping charlatan as far back as 1970. He also investigated Mr Farrant’s black magic activities around the time of the latter’s imprisonment and declared him to be an incorrigible publicity-seeker. Bishop Manchester sees David Farrant as a would-be interloper who lost his way as a youth and never regained it, a man who early on made a pact with dark forces and invited them to take possession of him.

It is plainly evident that the dark forces obliged.