Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Last Post

The owner and administrator of the Supernatural World forum today announced:

"After much consideration I have decided to close all Highgate-related topics permanently. I've taken in to account several factors which I feel have left me with no other option.

"My main concern is the impact these topics are having on the site's appeal to visitors and current members. Many members clearly have issues with the way these topics have dominated proceedings for well over 6 months now. When there is a negative impact in this way it's important I heed the warnings and take the appropriate course of action.

"I also believe that after all these months there has been no real progression in the discussion, the dialogue continues in a repetitive manner and seems to be heading nowhere. I would also add that the amount of administration these topics have required is not acceptable. The number of complaints I've received is more than any other topic in the 8 years this site has been online. Granted the vast majority have come from the Manchester camp, but still, the amount of attention these topics have required has meant the rest of the site has suffered.

"One aspect that has concerned me is the obsessive manner with which certain individuals carry themselves. I feel this obsession is unhealthy, particularly when you take in to account that certain individuals have never met the two men in question. I feel this had led to some very strong comments and views which can only end in disaster.

"All the topics are now closed but will remain open for visitors and members to read.

"I'd like to thank those who have participated in the Highgate forum and would hope you continue to contribute to other forums on the board."

The above announcement was signed by "Phen" (aka "Phenomenon" aka Brendan Kilmartin).

None of the topics about Highgate Cemetery and related matters, however, remained open for visitors. Even ordinary members could not access the pages unless carefully vetted and personally approved by Brendan Kilmartin who is somewhat economical with the truth where these controversies arise. Mr Farrant and his handful of hangers-on, moreover, continued to post on the hidden forum pages after Mr Kilmartin's public declaration, but, of course, without any opposition. Bishop Manchester, needless to say, continues to be a prime target for abuse and misrepresentation from the usual offenders.

Out of the three members posting rebuttal comments in support of Bishop Manchester, only one remained. The others had been banned. One because he asked for a temporary ban to be made permanent. He is not an acquaintance of Bishop Manchester. The other because Mr Kilmartin suspected him of alerting Bishop Manchester to infringement of the bishop's copyright which led to a legal DMCA notice being served and the stolen material subsequently being removed. He was banned on the vague suspicion that he assisted in the removal of illegally uploaded images. Veritas alone remained free to post refutation and balancing statements. Although known to the bishop, Veritas had not once complained to the moderators over the vitriolic and frequently defamatory comments aimed at Bishop Manchester and anyone sympathetic to him. Veritas ceased posting on the Highgate forum in the previous month, having commented that the arguments were largely circular, repetitive and obsessive. Anthony Hogg and David Farrant are the worst offenders when it comes to compulsive, repetitive posts. They have been exchanging comments that go nowhere for most of this century. This fruitless exercise has served to bore everyone and muddy the waters when it comes to examining the bare bones of the Highgate matter. Veritas' penultimate post on the Highgate forum observed: "The bottom line is that Farrant hates the truth. He cannot abide it. He will say and do anything to cover it up, but always without example, evidence or proof of any kind."

No surprise when the last member to post anything on the forum was found to be Anthony Hogg. He had posted no less than one thousand and sixty-nine times! In fact, Mr Hogg was the very last person to post comments on seven of the Highgate forum's topics before closure stopped him in his tracks.

Ironically, David Farrant was well and truly on the ropes when the final curtain came to anyone not sympathetic to him. Cú Chulainn had unintentionally hung his friend out to dry by uploading an article he had found (on public library microfilm) from the Hampstead and Highgate Express, 15 October 1971,  which reveals Mr Farrant using a Catholic crucifix and Christian bible to defeat vampires with attributed quotes to confirm this. Those who had been going along with Mr Farrant's latter-day denials about such things suddenly found they had egg on their face. David Farrant also admitted in the article that, as well as Christian symbols and a bible, he armed himself with garlic to ward off "the king of the undead" (another quote directly attributed to him by the Hampstead & Highgate Express newspaper).

The final "open" post to appear on the Highgate forum was also a real humdinger. Anthony Hogg had disovered some of David Farrant's trial testimony online, and wondered what Cú Chulainn (real name Redmond McWilliams who describes himself on Brendan Kilmartin's forum as "Roman Catholic" but gives "Agnostic" as his religion on Facebook where he declares himself to be in a homosexual relationship) might make of Victoria Jervis' revelations under oath when called as a witness. He offered two quotes from her court testimony:

Victoria Jervis and David Farrant's arrest in 1972.

"I have tried to put most of what happened out of my mind. The false letters I wrote to a local paper were to stimulate publicity for the accused. I saw him almost every weekend in the second half of 1972 and I went to Spain with him for a fortnight at the end of June that same year. I was arrested with him in Monken Hadley Churchyard. That incident upset me very much. Afterwards, my doctor prescribed tranquilisers for me."

Facing Mr Farrant in court to address him, Miss Jervis added:

"You have photograhed me a number of times in your flat with no clothes on. One photograph was published in 1972 with a false caption claiming I was a member of your Society, which I never was."

On another occasion, she recalled, she'd written psuedonymously to a local newspaper at Mr Farrant's request "to stimulate publicity for the accused."

No response was forthcoming from Cú Chulainn (Redmond McWilliams), David Farrant or anyone else. The forum appeared to choke on its own revelations and abruptly stumbled into an abyss. Brendan Kilmartin, a Facebook friend of David Farrant and Jamie Coster (Mr Farrant's eldest son, now calling himself "Jamie Farrant"), closed the Highgate forum to visitors and regular members within a couple of days.

When Veritas had earlier commented "Bishop Manchester upholds what is found in Corinthians 6: 9-11, Romans 1: 25-27 and 1 Timothy 1: 8-10" in response to Cú Chulainn (himself an active homosexual) falsely claiming that homosexual acts are acceptable for Christians, even Roman Catholics like himself, Brendan Kilmartin piped in with "I find your view of homosexuality sickening to the core!" Adding: "Fortunately for you Veritas you are not sat on a neighbouring stool in my local, if you were, and you muttered such horse crap in my earshot I'd introduce you to the back of my right hand."

Such rhetoric was a familiar tool in dealing with certain topics raised on the forum, and David Farrant flunkies such as Rob Milne are a dab hand at reeling-out libellous insult laced with threats of violence. Mr Farrant's eldest son (born in November 1967) also indulges in vulgar language and not-so-veiled threats. Jamie Coster aka Jamie Farrant had stayed out of the picture for over four decades before deciding to seek out his deviant father to the chagrin of the rest of his family.

Veritas commented:

"After forty years of managing to avoid Farrant's curse, Jamie Farrant (chatty.gef) has finally had the sins of the father visited upon him. Now approaching forty-four, he seems every bit as reprehensible as the man whose poisonous legacy he continues by colluding in a vendetta almost as old as himself. Jamie Farrant suddenly sought out his father and decided to change the surname, which had served him for the best part of four decades, from 'Coster' to 'Farrant.' And if anyone objects to me mentioning names, I also object to perfectly innocent people from the past being identified on this forum by Farrant, Vallicrus, Milne and others of that ilk. The guilty parties seem to think that because Farrant has done this elsewhere on the internet they are allowed to do the same and name in full people who do not engage in any of these conversations and are only being maligned by Farrant because of a connection they might have, currently or historically, with Bishop Manchester."

Della Vallicrus and Tony Sheridan are a couple of sock puppets who, even if they existed in their own right, have no substance or indeed friends beyond David Farrant and some of that  small clique which swarm like flies around him. Cú Chulainn aka Redmond McWilliams does exist and has visited David Farrant at his north London hovel on various occasion, as has Mr Farrant visited Mr McWilliams at Morden in Surrey.

Veritas, in his last post on the forum, had this to say about Cú Chulainn (Redmond McWilliams):

"Cú Chulainn hypocritically talks about 'love and compassion for your fellow man' a matter of hours after suggesting to the administrator that I should be banned from the forum. His claim that Farrant's dubiously truncated press cutting is pukka, and much else besides to provide alibis for his friend, leaves me in little doubt that he has an agenda not so very far removed from that of Farrant. That he is out to blacken the name of Bishop Manchester is as plain as day. He tries to dress his smear campaign with a veneer of reason, but it quickly peels off upon inspection. He might not be as harsh and as gruff as Farrant and son, but he is patently batting on their team. He sought out Farrant and visited him at his Muswell Hill abode. This he might say is because of his interest in the subject. Yet he has at no time sought out Bishop Manchester, and, even though he repeats the taunts of Jamie Farrant regarding the bishop's ministry, has not seen fit to contact him by any means whatsoever."

In his last forum post, Veritas further observed:

"David Farrant has been obsessed with it for over forty years, and Anthony Hogg has been compulsively posting about it on the internet for most of this century. Both do so on an almost daily basis; sometimes lasting for hours on any given day. They do not just post about it here, but also on other people's forums and on their own blogs and boards There is something unhealthy, abnormal and decidedly dark about obsessiveness at this level. It is verging on what might be described as a psychotic disorder. I have contributed over the last few weeks, and again briefly before Christmas last year, but there is nothing left to say because all I find are people like Hogg repeating misconceptions which have already previously been addressed. Nobody is going to allow themselves to be subjected to the sort of cross-examination Hogg would like to exact, and he is never going to be satisfied with an answer given by either camp. So discussions enter a vortex and merely end up going in never-ending circles. I want no part of that exercise as I do not feel the compulsion shown by some here to keep going round in circles for the remainder of their lives. Farrant will always keep plugging away at his propaganda because he feels compelled to attack Bishop Manchester at every available opportunity despite the fact that the bishop now ignores him and no longer gives interviews on the topic which links them in the minds of some people."

On the day before Brendan Kilmartin closed down the Highgate forum to visitors and existing members not part of the anti-Bishop Manchester clique, David Farrant published on his blog the latest photograph of himself. In it he is wearing yet another anti-Bishop Seán Manchester T-shirt whilst clutching an unlit cigarette in his crippled left hand. He had been invited to a fancy dress party, he claimed, and the T-shirt was the best he could come up with. Mr Farrant's "best" has always turned out to be his worst. There is a bubble coming out of the depiction of the bishop on the T-shirt, which says: "I curse thee, Farrant!" Nothing could be further from the truth, which is precisely why the most sympathetic and charitable quote sock puppet Della Vallicrus could come up with on her Supernatural World forum signature is something written by Seán Manchester in the first edition of The Highgate Vampire, which states:

"In all the years I have known David Farrant, I have found not a single shred of evidence to suggest that the least of these things are true. I do not believe that he has ever partaken in a real black magic ceremony, nor do I believe that he is capable of harming an animal, not even for publicity. Of the charges relating to graveyard damage I believe him to be innocent also."

These words appear at the foot of every comment posted by the person using the nomenclature Della Vallicrus. David Farrant never posed any real threat to animals, even if he falsely claimed he sacrificed them in witchcraft ceremonies (solely for the sake of attracting media attention), and the dead had nothing to fear from this man whose asinine nocturnal antics in graveyards, as attested by his wife under oath, were merely for a "for a bit of a laugh and a joke" and, of course, the thing he is addicted to more than booze and fags — publicity.

The damage Farrant inflicted has always been on the living who fell victim to his depraved behaviour, sick pranks, charlatanry and insatiable lust for fame. Instead of becoming famous, David Robert Donovan Farrant became infamous in the worst way imaginable and his name has now become synonymous with fakery, falsehood and foolishness.

David Farrant wearing his anti-Bishop Seán Manchester T-shirt.

Blasphemous parody and poor imitation of Bishop Seán Manchester.

Where the only spirit is whiskey and the only incense is cancerous smoke.