Thursday, 7 October 2010

Anthony Hogg

Anthony Hogg masked.

Anthony Hogg unmasked.

Anthony Hogg, an unemployed man who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has been stalking and harassing Bishop Manchester on the internet ever since he was expelled from a forum several years ago for refusing to stop posting about David Farrant whom the membership wanted to hear no more about. Hogg, who usually hides behind a demonic mask, immediately began to attack the bishop after his expulsion and started opening numerous forums, blogs and boards with a common aim and title (lifted from the headline of a news feature about Bishop Manchester in the Hampstead & Highgate Express, 27 February 1970).

Anthony Hogg's theme is always the same and he appears to many outsiders as a totally manic individual who is obsessed with the bishop and events that occurred on the other side of the world long before before Hogg was born. Hogg is not just pathologically obsessed with Bishop Manchester and the bishop's adversary. He allows himself so easily to be drawn into doing precisely what the Farrant clique want, ie violating and abusing Bishop Manchester. David Farrant is probably a lost cause and beyond help. One could almost pity such a pathetic creature. Anthony Hogg is someone totally outside the four and a half decades' old Highgate Cemetery saga who decided to insinuate himself into latter-day arguments long after the history itself had reached a conclusion. His attitude towards Farrant is perhaps more understandable, but he allows himself to be willingly manipulated and uses Farrant's propaganda as if it was his own. In being manipulated by Farrant, Hogg posts libellous material about Bishop Manchester which is equal to anything the Farrant coterie resort to at the height of their malice. In fact, Anthony Hogg frequently uses antipathetic sources such as the grotesque Don Ecker (an American friend of Farrant) character and seems to take immense pleasure regurgitating David Farrant's unsubstantiated garbage about Bishop Manchester. There is something deeply disturbing about Anthony Hogg who is patently a stalker with malicious intent and clearly someone with deep issues, possibly a narcissitic personality disorder, ie an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others.

Anthony Hogg claims "the photo accompanying the blog [shown above] is thankfully incorrect," ie chosen to represent him at random and therefore false. This, like much else of what he says, is a lie. The photograph correctly identifying him was found on his Microsoft messenger profile where he put it. Those receiving messages from the same Anthony Hogg who stalks Bishop Seán Manchester saw it.

Hogg's principal blog was disabled by WordPress for repeated offences that included defamation and illegally infringing Bishop Seán Manchester's lawfully owned copyright material. Such violations occured on multiple occasions over a number of years. He has now turned to other services to continue his trolling. On one of his alternate blogs he uploaded most of what was on his suspended WordPress blog, minus the infringed images which he could not access. That did not stop him uploading freshly stolen images. Hogg deviously registered this new blog in the name of UK resident Trystan Lewis Swale, an atheist who likes to attack those who hold religious and particularly supernatural beliefs. Swale has conspired with an infamous figure convicted of satanic crimes to try to discredit Bishop Seán Manchester on his hostile podcasts. He continues to this day to post extremely abusive and derogatory remarks about the Bishop on Facebook and elsewhere. Anthony Hogg (who has never been to the UK) arranged to have his blog registered using a British-based Server (UK Web Solutions Direct) with the help of Trystan Lewis Swale of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. Swale describes himself as a "paranormal and Fortean investigator," but in reality is a hardened sceptic who dismisses the paranormal out-of-hand and derides anyone who does not. This replacement blog lasted a matter of days due to Hogg and Swale refusing to remove two stolen images of Bishop Manchester (taken long before either of them were born) and being unable to prove, as they had falsely claimed, that the pictures were their own copyright.

Soon after the replacement blog was disabled, Trystan Lewis Swale posted the following comment on Facebook:

"Some of you may notice that the DAWWIH archive will be disappearing soon, if it hasn't already gone. A Mr [sic] Manchester has slapped a DMCA notice on me. My web host has acted upon this without proof of any copyright ownership from Manchester. This is despite DMCA notices not having any binding legality in the UK and despite dispute over the legal status of the content concerned. My hosts have advised they will act upon Manchester's claim, albeit in the absence of any evidence supporting him. I was told that regardless of my legal position I will be required to demonstrate that Manchester is not the copyright holder. Consequently I am in the process of switching hosts."
The proof of Bishop Manchester's ownership exists in the form of his possession of the 35mm negatives and the fact that when these two pictures were published in the 1970s they were shown to be his exclusive copyright. There is also the small matter of neither Trystan Swale or Anthony Hogg having been born when the pictures in question were taken. Swale speaks as if there is no copyright law in the United Kingdom, There is, of course, but what was glaringly obvious to his Web Host and Server is that he did not own copyright of what was in dispute and had placed alongside the photographs misleading material, ie the words "Black Magic" emblazoned in letters as big as the pictures themselves, plus further images of a man convicted of satanic crimes at Highgate Cemetery in 1974. One of these images was used as evidence to convict him. The inference is clear, and such juxtaposing is a familar strategy of these two antagonistic stalkers of Bishop Seán Manchester.

Trystan Swale and Anthony Hogg somehow feel they have the right to steal photographs exclusively owned by Bishop Seán Manchester and illegally publish them to incite hatred using false and derogatory attributions. And if the Bishop dares to recover his own property by issuing a legal take-down notice these two malcontents consider it to be "harassment." Such is the behaviour of mindless trolls who are obsessed with someone they do not know, have never met and have never spoken to.

Anthony Hogg has adopted a variety of pseudonyms in the past, including The Inquisitive OneThe OverseerAmateur Vampirolgist and tnuocalucard ("Count Dracula" spelt backwards). These days he is arrogant enough to use his real name, but he goes to considerable lengths to protect his exact whereabouts to prevent prosecution for stalking, harassment and inciting hatred against a public figure. Hogg has gone so far as to publish a UK address in full (offered specifically for people wanting to receive signed and dedicated copies of the Bishop's books). The excuse given is that he found it on the internet. His dissemination of the address was not an act of benevolence, however, because it appeared in the context of a stream of vitriol and malicious allegations against the person with whom the address is associated.

A typical example of the exceptionally offensive manner in which the self-styled "Baptist" Hogg hypocritically and abusively refers to Bishop Seán Manchester comes from his recently disabled blog:
"I'm not going to disclose the identity of this potty prelate, wanker, total cock and blatant hypocrite. On an unrelated note, in the lead up to my blog's closure, I was subjected to repeated DMCA takedown notices issued by Sean Manchester."

Unsurprisingly, the blog on which Anthony Hogg posted the foul-mouthed comments was suspended. Within days he had transferred this profanity, word for word, to yet another blog where it still remains.

Anthony Hogg  wearing his demonic mask.

Hogg's Facebook persona (Brad Pitt)

It is curious and somewhat telling that rather than use a likeness of himself, Anthony Hogg chooses an American actor as his representational image on Facebook. We could almost be forgiven for thinking he was ashamed of who he really is, ie an Australian young man of mixed race who was born at least ten years after Brad Pitt, the icon he misleadingly offers to Facebook users as himself.

Hoggwatch was set up to monitor this troll's libellous and malicious allegations about Bishop Seán Manchester in order to amass evidence with view to aiding an eventual prosecution. It came to be suspected by a growing number of people, however, that Hogg might be suffering from Asperger Syndrome which is characterised by qualitative impairment in social interaction, by stereotyped and restricted patterns of behaviour, activities and interests; and by  an intense preoccupation with a narrow subject, plus one-sided verbosity. Consequently, Bishop Manchester has requested that Hogg henceforward be ignored and not be provided with any stimuli which might further trigger him.

Bishop Seán Manchester has only once commented on Hogg when he opined:

"Anthony Hogg (Melbourne, Australia), approximately 30 years of age, unmarried, not in a relationship, liberal, modernist, claims to be a Christian (Baptist) but evinces extremely unChristian behaviour, eg profanity (I have been referred to as 'a fuckin' lowlife' by him). There is not a day that passes where Anthony Hogg is not trolling and posting harassing comments about me somewhere on the internet. This self-proclaimed Christian's cyber-friends are either immersed in witchcraft and the occult, or profess to be atheists. Constantly critical of me because I am a traditional Christian bishop, Anthony Hogg himself remains totally anonymous — always wearing a demonic mask to cover his face and identity. He correctly states that John Pope has recently become a Muslim, but fails to acknowledge that this man still claims to be 'a master of the black arts.' John Pope also remains a so-called 'Mason' within what can only be described as a satanic lodge inhabited by like-minded perverts.

"I am especially intrigued to find Anthony Hogg distinguishing between Luciferians and Satanists because only occult-minded non-Christians would make that distinction. The term 'Luciferian' is really a euphemism for 'Satanist' and adherents of both engage in the same unpleasant and disgusting practices. How do we distinguish between the Luciferian Jean-Paul Bourre performing an animal sacrifice in a graveyard at night during what he euphemistically calls a 'Red Mass' and a self-proclaimed Satanist, such as John Pope has been since the early 1970s, performing the same vile act? Not surprisingly, self-styled Luciferians and Satanists are frequently found in association and naturally supportive of each another with very few exceptions. Yet the self-professed 'Baptist' Anthony Hogg differentiates between Luciferians and Satanists while all other Christians without exception recognise Satanism — commonly referred to as Devil worship — as being the general term for worship of the biblical Lucifer, or Satan
(Genesis 3: 1 – 15; Isaiah 14: 12)."

“For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their deeds.

(2 Corinthians 11: 14-15)