Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Don Peek

Don Peek is Don Ecker's internet service provider who stepped in to help when Mr Ecker's previous server deleted a cache of stolen images owned by Bishop Seán Manchester. Mr Peek is also the service provider for hate sites such as Net Curtain Lurkers on which libel has been regurgitated courtesy of David Farrant for the anonymous hate-mongers in America who run that site to the delight of other anti-Bishop obsessives such as Anthony Hogg who provides links at every opportunity to the malice and defamation.
Instead of acknowledging legal (DMCA) notices as would any respectable server, Don Peek chose to ignore them and provided the confidential contents (required by law) to the offenders in each case. Thus those in America who were publishing incitements of hatred as well as infringed copyright were given the private address and private telephone number of the complainant by Mr Peek. The anonymous cowards who created Net Curtain Lurkers instantly published most of this information on their hate site.
Don Peek calls his service "Coastland technologies" and describes it as "a profitable owner-operated business that has been in business for over ten years." 

Mr Peek continues: "We own our own servers and we have them collocated.  By owning our own servers, we have complete control of how your site is hosted. We keep our customers happy.  It's not easy to find new customers so it just makes sense to give the best service we can to our current customers. This way they stay with us when it comes time to renew. We have customers who've been hosting with us over ten years.  That must have something to do with it."

Not quite. The real reason customers like Don Ecker and Net Curtain Lurkers stay with Don Peek is because he shares their extreme antipathy towards Bishop Seán Manchester and is willing to break the law by refusing to remove incitements of hatred and infringed copyright material aimed at denigrating and damaging the bishop. Other servers would instantly disable these miscreants' sites, and, moreover, have done so. But not Don Peek who appears to be very friendly towards bullies of the Don Ecker stamp.

Mr Peek's questionable service is located at:
Coastland Technologies
4820 Kiowa Lane NW
Cleveland Tennessee, 37312
United States of America