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Barbara Green

Barbara Green
Barbara Green and her then friend Ruth Harrington met Bishop Seán Manchester by sheer chance at an open air carnival with charity events in South Herfordshire in May 1987. Bishop Seán Manchester was open to the idea, as put forward by Ruth Harrington, of his name being used on letterheadings by the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society for the purpose of the YRHS raising money for charity. He did not offer to participate or otherwise involve himself in the historical reconstruction or any other side of the YRHS. 

The second and last occasion Bishop Seán Manchester spoke to Mrs Green, still with Ruth Harrington but now joined by Laura Green, was in May 1988 at the same venue where the YRHS, as before, had a stall. On this occasion everyone was in medieval costume in keeping with the nature of the charitable event itself. A small amount of money was raised but it was the decision of the YRHS as to what happened to it.

Barbara Green did not see Bishop Seán Manchester again after that meeting. An infrequent exchange of correspondence dwindled as members of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, which Bishop Manchester had no direct involvement in, left as others joined. Mrs Green became acquainted with David Farrant in the next decade, and this association with Mr Farrant brought about an immediate schism with Bishop Seán Manchester. There was barely any communication between Mrs Green and Bishop Manchester at that time. When Catherine Fearnley became acquainted with Mrs Green some time later, an attempt was made to relaunch the YRHS with Mr Farrant as its newly appointed ”patron” in February 2004, but it failed to attract a boost in membership despite a sensation-seeking stunt at a private grave organised by Mr Farrant who was briefly struck off as ”patron” three years later. He was then reinstated in April 2008.

By the second and last occasion Mrs Green met Bishop Manchester in May 1988, she had already established a connection with John Russell Pope. Bishop Seán Manchester had previously been persuaded by Mr Pope that the former diabolist had put his satanic past behind him after meeting and marrying a young Roman Catholic called Natasha. This much is apparent in the bishop’s work From Satan To Christ which on page 26 states: “Pope by this time had retired from practical Satanism and now shunned involvement.” Bishop Seán Manchester gave Mr Pope the benefit of the doubt and even attended his wedding at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Highgate. It was short lived. By the time Mrs Green was arranging to meet Mr Pope, the latter had already returned to active diabolism. On his current website he describes himself as “a master of the black arts.” Bishop Manchester naturally informed Mrs Green about Mr Pope’s proclivity for the black arts. She accompanied Mr Pope in the rain on Hallowe’en in 2002 to a tomb on private land near where she lives. Candles were lit despite the rain and Mr Pope mumbled some sort of incantation. Mrs Green made her own separate contribution to the occasion.

Mr Pope attempting to raise a demon with Mr Farrant.

Mrs Green produced the draft of a booklet called Secrets of the Grave in 1998, a copy of which she forwarded to Bishop Manchester. Mr Farrant’s and Mr Pope’s names appeared in her acknowledgements. The bishop felt he was ridiculed, misrepresented and parodied. Not surprisingly he made his displeasure known to Mrs Green who remained unapologetic for what she had done. Hence him feeling obliged to dissociate his name from Mrs Green and her activities. The booklet, when it was published, contained grotesque cartoons of the bishop that had been commissioned from the wife of Kevin Demant, an anarchist supporter of the illegal underground movement Class War. Mr Demant has assisted David Farrant in his longstanding hate campaign against Bishop Manchester.

The following sarcasm reflected the new direction taken:

“The incredible Seán Manchester ~ a legend in his own lifetime! Scourge of Satanists and all things diabolical! A fearless fighter against the dark forces of evil, the greatest living vampire slayer and exorcist of all time! An expert swordsman, sensational saxaphonist [sic] and best selling author, this modern day knight in shining armour was touched to compose his unforgettable musical tribute to the late lamented Princess Diana.”

Mrs Green had been introduced to malicious propaganda produced by Mr Farrant via Miss Fearnley when the latter first became acquainted with Mrs Green who was now enmeshed in Mr Farrant’s small clique of misfits. For a while these two Yorkshire females disseminated and proliferated David Farrant's propaganda against the bishop. When Miss Fearnley ended her relationship with Mr Farrant in June 2007, she ceased her hostility toward the Bishop Manchester until becoming acquainted with Anthony Hogg in 2010 when she temporarily reverted to defamation before realising that Mr Hogg is an internet troll. Mrs Green continued to harass the bishop on the internet even after joining the Roman Catholic Church with Catherine Fearnley in 2007, but eventually came to realise she had been manipulated by Mr Farrant.

Barbara Green with Gareth Medway.

A pseudo-occult ritual after dark over a private grave with Mrs Green, Mr Medway, Mr Farrant and Miss Fearnley.

Barbara Green and Catherine Fearnley were joined by David Farrant and Gareth Medway to participate in an occult ritual over a grave on private land at Kirklees Park Estate, West Yorkshire, on the evening of 20 April 2005.


John Pope (left) during a demonic conjuration.
Barbara Green eventually replaced David Farrant with John Pope as "patron" of her Yorkshire Robin Hood Society. No real explanation was offered as to why Mr Farrant was dropped as her "patron" beyond it being "due to pressure from his Highgate Vampire commitments," whatever that means. An alliance with Catherine Fearnley nevertheless appears to have occurred in the period preceding her announcement.

"There have been big changes to the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society recently, both in its constitution, membership, patronage and research projects. David has been informed privately of these matters," Mrs Green revealed on 8 November 2010.

Four days later on 12 November 2010, Barbara Green declared: "John Pope de Locksley has become the new patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society." That John Pope still describes himself as a "master of the black arts" had no bearing on Mrs Green's decision: "John makes an ideal patron for the society, which was founded in 1984 by Barbara Green and Ruth Harrington. as he has strong connections with Yorkshire, despite living in London where he runs the London Robin Hood Club and organizes 'Jack the Ripper' walks." When Mr Pope became a Muslim in 2012, however, he, too, was dropped.

Barbara Green alongside John Pope (far right),
with Catherine Fearnley cuddling David Farrant.

Barbara Green, who is older than David Farrant by three months, no longer has anything to do with the Muswell Hill miscreant and, like Catherine Fearnley, regrets ever getting involved with him.