Thursday, 7 October 2010

Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester


Our aim is to support the ministry of Bishop Seán Manchester, which foundations are rooted in orthodoxy and traditionalism, and to defend him from personal attacks made by those, to quote the bishop, "with motives hidden in the darkness of the absurd." Men and women of goodwill are invited to support our aspiration by standing with Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester against those who would vent their hatred of Christ and Christians by pursuing the bishop mercilessly with malicious intent. Bishop Seán Manchester is a well known author and exorcist in the British Isles who stands against the rising tide of Modernism which disclaims the existence of all things supernatural. His television documentaries and radio discussions on these topics have become legend. He continues the struggle against soul-killing materialism and diabolical influence at a time when most clergy opt to remain silent. Laity and clergy of all denominations nevertheless seek his help and expertise in an ever-darkening world seemingly no longer capable of accepting the Light. 

Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester do not speak on behalf of Bishop Seán Manchester – he is more than capable of doing that himself – but nonetheless seeks to defend his position against the indefensible and offer its collective support to someone who has always been willing to stand up and be counted at times when others have looked the other way. Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester proclaims its friendship for a man who adheres to traditional values and sound doctrine in the face of incredible antipathy from hostile elements.

Bishop Seán Manchester has incurred the wrath of those in the service of darkness, yet continues his mission undaunted. We stand by him in his struggle. Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester are from all walks of life - united in faith, truth, loyalty and honour.

The Right Rev'd Seán Manchester, OSG
Bishop of Glastonbury


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