Friday, 8 October 2010

Catherine Fearnley

Catherine Fearnley in 2010.

“So here are the questions and answers that Anthony and I have compiled.  This should put any doubting people at rest. … I hope that now this interview has gone online it will be the last of the matter.”Catherine Fearnley (28 August 2010)

“After this last interview with my good friend Anthony that is going to [be] it. I’m leaving it well and truly behind.”Catherine Fearnley (7 September 2010)

Despite claiming three years ago she had put her past behind her and that she never wanted to discuss matters concerning causes of conflict  again, Catherine Fearnley took the extraordinary decision at the end of last month to re-open old wounds by allowing Anthony Hogg to exploit her vulnerability on his blog.  She told those reading her own blog on August 28th that her interview “will be the last of the matter.” It was followed by yet another interview ten days later where we were again reassured she was “leaving it well and truly behind.” We will believe that when we see it.

This unexpected change in direction has led to relevant exchanges between Miss Fearnley and Bishop Seán Manchester to enter the archive at the bishop’s suggestion in order to set the record straight. Nothing personal or confidential has been revealed from this correspondence; only matters relating to what has already been discussed openly on the internet.

On 25 July 2007, Miss Fearnley wrote the following to Bishop Manchester:

“I am quite willing to let bygones be bygones and to have a 6 months cooling off period.  To see how things go. The reason being is that since my split with David Farrant I have taken somewhat of a back seat in the situation.  You will be aware that I have not posted anything about you for the past few months. … I would like to try and build some sort of reconciliation between us.  Obviously this will take time as we have both been extremely hurt by the situation. … Please let me know your thoughts about this and see if we can’t start to get somewhere.”

Bishop Manchester responded:

What exactly are you requesting? Without wanting to appropriate blame, if you are genuinely seeking reconciliation, what is it you are hoping to achieve? Your private life is of no interest or concern to us. What you might believe or might not believe is your business and yours alone. Furthermore, we have no more authority over what individuals, who for the most part are strangers, express on a public forum than do you. We have never sought to do any of the things of which we stand accused by you. This last statement might prove a difficult hurdle for you to straddle.

Miss Fearnley apologised for her past actions and the bishop accepted her apology in the spirit of reconciliation. She continued to send messages to the bishop over the next three years. The following, dated 9 February 2009, is absolutely typical of many similar messages sent to the bishop:

“I do not wish to write anymore about David Farrant and have kept well away from him on the advice of my own priest plus my spiritual director. … David Farrant, I’m afraid is totally paranoid, he will not let matters drop even after 3yrs of the event.  I really feel sorry for the harassment that both him and I, on his behalf, have caused you and your family, and for this reason alone, I cannot appologize enough for.  You did warn me right at the beginning what Farrant was like and I refused to listen, and found out the hard way, much to my own cost.  It’s too late now, and I and other innocent people have become entangled with this sad and sordid mess through no fault of their own.”

Whenever Miss Fearnley referred to Mr Farrant in her messages, Bishop Manchester always advised her to ignore him and move forward with her life. Her last message sent directly to Bishop Manchester (but not her last to his representatives) was sent on 23 April 2010. In it, like so many of her previous messages, she again referred to Mr Farrant:

“I am one of DF’s victims and have been sent death threats and all kind of weird and wonderful stuff but I have just learnt to get on with it.”

Bishop Seán Manchester’s response and indeed final message to Miss Fearnley (who had started to mention Anthony Hogg in her communications) included these words: 

“It is precisely because I choose to ignore Anthony Hogg (having prevented him from posting on my blogs and blocking him on Facebook) that he has gone completely over the top in his personal attacks. This is what happens until these people find someone else to stalk and harass. Nobody seems to like or take notice of them, however, which is why they remain impotent in their aspirations. It was you, of course, who initially mentioned these people (and what they are posting) and brought them to my attention in the first place. You have raised them in messages on a number of occasions when I have abstained from any such reference. This is bound to have triggered a dialogue unless you would have preferred me to ignore you. It has always been my advice to you (and anyone else) to just ignore such people; just remove them from your thoughts. Yet I still keep receiving messages about them from you. I would rather you had never mentioned these people, but given that you did I had the courtesy to reply.”

Miss Fearnley continued to send correspondence to the FoBSM until the beginning of November, but the last direct exchange between her and the bishop took place on St George’s Day 2010.

David Farrant with Catherine Fearnley in 2004.

Catherine Fearnley became openly embroiled with David Farrant in April 2004, having been in clandestine contact with him for quite a number of months prior. That brought her tenuous association on forums with Bishop Seán Manchester to a close for three years as she did, in her own words, “dirty work on Mr Farrant’s behalf,” which mostly comprised waging a malicious vendetta against the bishop and his family. She apologised and showed remorse for her behaviour in the summer of 2007. This followed her reception into the Roman Catholic Church with Barbara Green earlier that year. The bishop decided to give Miss Fearnley another chance. He accepted her apology. When she requested to be approved, he accepted her as one of his thousands of friends on his Traditional Christian Facebook page. Mrs Green, on the other hand, remained hostile to Bishop Manchester and almost immediately returned to participating in Mr Farrant’s anti-Christian hate campaign on the internet. 

Anthony Hogg as depicted by David Farrant.

It all remained convivial until Anthony Hogg approached Miss Fearnley in the summer of 2010 and persuaded her to discuss matters she had previously wanted to leave buried and forgotten. After hearing from Mr Hogg, she deleted her friendship with Bishop Manchester on Facebook and, moreover, blocked him.
Having stated in her interviews with Mr Hogg that Bishop Manchester and Mr Farrant were “as bad as each other,” she unblocked the bishop from her Facebook account and once again requested that he approve her as a friend. Unsurprisingly, he ignored her request. She also sent Bishop Manchester a rambling message which he also ignored. In view of nothing personal or confidential being expressed in her message, relevant extracts from Miss Fearnley’s communication of 9 September 2010 follow interpolated with comments by FoBSM in red.

David Farrant and Gareth Medway at Kirklees.

“Dear Bishop Manchester, I am writing this with view to my two personal interviews that I did with one Anthony Hogg, who as it happens appears to be on my side. [Anthony Hogg is on nobody's side except his own, and has been harassing Bishop Manchester mercilessly on the internet.] What I would like to say is that on these interviews I am not publically attacking you as a person I am I guess making comments about your many groups that go around causing trouble for all that are concerned. [Anyone reading her interview will be left in no doubt that she is publically attacking Bishop Manchester, as well as FoBSM and the VRS.] … I have also been harassed by your two groups the Friends of Bishop Sean Manchester and The Vampire Research Society simply because I said that these groups along with the BPOS are as bad as each other in the way that they try to deal with people and they are. [All FoBSM have done is provide her with corrections to the many inaccuracies in her interviews. She has had no dealings with the VRS, only one member who was courteous enough to answer her questions.] I firmly believe that these groups only cause you and your family more harm then good and it would be better for you if they were stopped. [This is a preposterous thing to say and she offers no explanation why she is making such an allegation.] But that is not for me to say so. [But she just did say so, and has said so publically in her interviews.] As it stands this is the first and only time I have spoken to anyone about The Highgate Vampire case in 3yrs simply because I had to set the record straight … I will not be doing so ever again as I want to carry on with my life not to be dragged back into that carry on again. [It is difficult to comprehend what exactly the Highgate Vampire case has to do with Catherine Fearnley who was not alive when it was under investigation and has only been the girlfriend of an interloping charlatan and hoaxer at the periphery of things.] Not worth the upset to be honest. [Bishop Manchester has been telling her that for the last three years, and yet she is still feeding Mr Hogg's rapacious appetite with nonsense about the very thing she doesn't want to be dragged back into again.] I’ve already explained why I had to delete you regarding the RC Church or rather some members of the RC Church who did not like me being a ‘facebook friend’ with you but really considering things that is or should be their problem and not my own. [It should be, but it wasn't because she did, in fact, delete Bishop Manchester who happens to have many Roman Catholic friends, including priests and bishops, some of whom consult him on matters of demonolatry.] I simply will not allow anyone nowadays to tell me who I can or cannot be friends with I choose my own end of story. [You cannot choose friends. You make friends. Miss Fearnley cannot play games with people, and is not the bishop's friend.] I would like to re add you as a friend but only providing that neither of us mention David Farrant. [Something Bishop Manchester asked her to do over the last three years, yet almost every message she sent him contained references to David Farrant.] Not bothered about the others they are not the problem. He is. I have also managed to get Farrant to actually say that Dennis Crawford is a real person despite for many years Farrant has claimed otherwise. [Dennis Crawford is obviously a real person and one of the bishop's oldest friends, but Mr Farrant has never come into contact with him.] I wanted to write to you directly rather then through your groups as I find them very hostile.” - Catherine Fearnley (9 September 2010 at 2:42pm) 

Dennis Crawford, a founder member of the VRS.

Nota Bene: Some members of FoBSM are close, personal friends of Bishop Seán Manchester who have known him for many years. The VRS was founded on 2 February 1970 by Bishop  Seán Manchester who is also its president. Executive members, like Dennis Crawford, including those made Life-Members, such as Peter Underwood, are also close, personal friends of the bishop. By 2012, however, Catherine Fearnley had well and truly seen through the machinations of the internet troll Anthony Hogg and now wishes she had never helped this deeply unpleasant stalker with his sinister vendetta against Bishop Seán Manchester with whom she no longer finds herself in confrontation.