Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Beginning Of The End

Catherine Fearnley with David Farrant and Gareth Medway in 2004.

This preceding blog responses came about primarily because of two interviews given by Catherine Fearnley to Anthony Hogg at the latter’s invitation. The first was uploaded by her on 28 August 2010 against the advice given her by her Church and others. The second appeared on her blog on 7 September 2010.

She describes Anthony Hogg as someone who “became interested in the Highgate Vampire case virtually the same time as I did and has had years of experience with both parties like I have, he wanted to ask me questions about how I became involved.” This statement, like so many of her replies to his questions, is flawed. Mr Hogg has not had “years of experience with both parties”  and has only persistently exchanged comments with one of the parties, namely the man who was Miss Fearnley’s boyfriend from June 2004 to June 2007. She has had experience, therefore, of David Farrant, but neither she nor Mr Hogg have had “experience” of any meaningful kind with Bishop Seán Manchester.

Earlier blogs by FoBSM, therefore, exist as a rebuttal to allegations published by Miss Fearnley at Mr Hogg’s instigation. Once again, Miss Fearnley is claiming this to be her last word on the matter, something she also stated over three years ago. She nonetheless published the following on 8 September 2010:

“Unlike some people who seem to live well and truly in the past, in fact my life is very full and interesting. So to say that I need to get a proper life is a bit rich again. Try pot calling the kettle black, it’s obvious that you do not remember what was said to me that night, because you were quite clearly in a alcoholic stupor as per normal. But no worries. Seeing as this is the very last post on the subject matter from now on it remains closed, dead and buried.”

She is addressing Mr Farrant with these remarks, which are supposedly her last for the time being, but in her two interviews with Mr Hogg she attacks both her ex-boyfriend and Bishop Seán Manchester in equal measure, which, of course, is precisely what Mr Hogg anticipated and indeed wanted.

David Farrant in Swains Lane, Highgate.

FoBSM, therefore, felt justified in setting the record straight with its own blog in the tradition of veritas vos liberabit. Will this be the end of the matter? Probably not. But, at least, it might be the beginning of the end.
It soon becomes apparent upon examination of the history of these stalkers of Bishop Seán Manchester on the preceding entries that they share in common an unhealthy obsession with the person at the centre of events forty years ago as much as the case itself. Half of those harassing him were not born when the incidents were ensuing, and all of them have an agenda which is as much to do with the bishop’s beliefs, orthodoxy and traditionalism as anything else. These compulsive individuals have not met the bishop, and those who have spoken to him in person, ie Mrs Green and Mr Farrant, last did so a quarter of a century ago. These stalkers are clearly for the most part poorly educated and of exceptionally low intellect. In at least two or three instances some of those identified on this blog betray behavioural patterns of the feeble-minded. One person in particular stands out where demonic possession has to be a serious consideration, and varying degrees of demonic influence on the others cannot be entirely dismissed.

David Farrant when he first met French Satanist Jean-Paul 
Bourre in January 1980. Mr Bourre became his collaborator.

So why are we talking about any of these wretched people on this blog? Why are we possibly fuelling their insatiable appetite for attention? Why are we even bothering to mention them in view of the bishop’s own policy to ignore such people? It is largely because, with one or two exceptions, these harassing stalkers communicate with members of the episcopate and the clergy in the Church and some of these priests actually take notice of them. Hence one of these individuals was told by her parish priest not to have any contact with Bishop Manchester. How did the priest in Yorkshire even know of Bishop Manchester whose spiritual home is Glastonbury? We happen to know for a fact that one the detractors (convicted of desecration, vandalism and making black magic threats) has corresponded with the Bishop of Leeds and other priests within the Roman Catholic Church. Why anyone would listen to this convicted felon in the first place is bizarre and reflects poorly on the way some clergy in the modern Church have drifted away from scriptural teachingss when faced with these issues. Ironically, and without exception, the bishop’s detractors hold opposing views to him on scriptural prohibitions. Some of them, of course, are openly hostile towards anything Christian, but this blog has concentrated on those who harass and stalk the bishop while claiming to be Christian themselves. The obvious exceptions are the pseudo-occultists David Farrant, Gareth Medway and their anonymous hangers-on, including the self-proclaimed Satanist and “master of the black arts” John Russell Pope who these days has become relatively obscure. Anthony Hogg describes himself as a Baptist. Ex-Anglican Barbara Green converted to Roman Catholicism in 2007, as did Catherine Fearnley who was a former pagan and witch. These three are behaving against the tenets of Christianity by making repeated personal attacks and harassing Bishop Seán Manchester who finds himself in harmony with Pope Benedict XVI in many ways, and certainly welcomed the pontiff’s visit to the United Kingdom last month. Bishop Manchester is in agreement with Benedixt XVI over the fact that it is far better to have a smaller Church with members who hold fast to scriptural teachings and orthodox doctrine than a massive Church where members question and frequently dismiss the teachings of the Church according to their own likes and dislikes.

If you wish to talk directly to Bishop Seán Manchester you may do so on his blog where he accepts questions on any topic, and also prayer requests.